Take Me Away 
Hunderdon Hills Playhouse, NJ  
Dining and Show
Wed. March 27th   

“Take Me Away” transports you to the bustling city of London for a one of a kind immersive experience!  

Upon arrival, a host of lively street performers will greet you and set the scene as if you were on the bustling streets of Convent Garden, London.  

As the show starts – be joined by the world-famous sleuth, Sherlock Holmes and his trusted mate, Dr. Watson 
on a hilarious musical quest to solve one of his most baffling adventures.... the mystery of love! 

A mind reader, a mysterious countess and magician are just a few of the suspects in this musical farce. Backed by a live orchestra.   A cast of talented actors will sing and dance throughout this laugh-filled, lively show, while you may find the clues to solving the mystery right on you own dining room table!

Price: $104.00 
   Pay by Jan 27th – Take off $5.00 - check, money order or cash only

Bus Leaves: Pt. 1 @8:00 Pt. 2 @8:10 Pt. 3 @8:20 Pt. 4 @8:30am Return approx..6:30pm