Colebrookdale Rail Road Lunch & Vintage Cars,   PA
Wed. Oct. 23rd  

Lost in the deep woods sheltering the Manatawny and Ironstone Creeks 
is a mythical secret valley. 

Though today only white-tailed deer, great blue heron, and bald eagles know the beauty of this legendary land.  It was once the province of pioneers and patriots.  

Their stories can be heard in the soft winds whispering through the tall trees and towering trestles of the Colebrookdale Railroad - a magical, forgotten railway to the heart of this Secret Valley. 

The "Secret Valley Line" is your ticket to a place and time when iron rails connected a divided people and the heart of the nation pulsed with the potent energy of the steam locomotive. 

LUNCH: Please choose either Chicken Pot Pie (in pastry shell) or 
Pot Roast over Mashed Potatoes with Roasted Carrots. 

After our 2 hour train ride – 
we’ll head over to the Museum of Historic Vehicles for a self-guided tour.(Docents on site to answer any questions). 
See vehicles of all types: gasoline, electric, and horse-drawn, 
including carriages, wagons, and sleighs. 
You will see ‘high wheelers” and “safety bicycles,” 
vehicle builder’s tools, and local historic roadside architecture 
before making our way back home.

Price: $129.00 
   Pay by Aug. 23rd – Take off $5.00 - check, money order or cash only

Bus Leaves: Pt.1 @7:30am;  Pt .2 @7:40;  Pt.3 @7:50;  Pt.4 @8:00am 
  Return approx.. 8:00pm