Phantom of the Opera 
Westchester Broadway Theatre 
Show, Lunch
Thurs. Oct. 11th 

The story of Yeston & Kopit's Phantom, revolves around the central character of a man named Erik; who was born and raised 
in the catacombs under the Paris Opera House. 

Through a series of circumstances, he takes on as a pupil, 
a young woman named Christine, who has been a street singer. She has a natural talent and a beautiful voice, but she lacks the special training to perform in an Opera company.  He agrees to take her on as a student with certain conditions; the main one being that she will never see his face. 

After a lot of hard work, she eventually auditions for the company and is not only accepted but is given the opportunity to play a principal part in an Opera. 

Without realizing it, they fall in love with each other. The relationship becomes obsessive and impossible, leading to a stunning conclusion. 

Lunch included before the show with many choices

Price: $104.00  
Pay by Aug 11th – Take off $5.00 - check, money order or cash only

Bus Leaves Promptly:  
Pt.1 @9:30am;  Pt.2 @9:40;  Pt.3 @9:50;  Pt.4 @10:00am 
  Return approx.. 5:30pm