Auschwitz Exhibit 
Museum of Jewish Heritage   NYC
Tues. July 30th 

A guided tour featuring more than 700 original objects and 
400 photographs - 
experience artifacts from the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum 
on view for the first time in North America, 
including hundreds of personal items
such as: suitcases, eyeglasses, and shoes
that belonged to survivors and victims of Auschwitz. 

Other artifacts include concrete posts that were part of the fence 
of the Auschwitz camp; 
fragments of an original barrack for prisoners from 
the Auschwitz III-Monowitz camp; 
a desk and other possessions of the first and the 
longest serving Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss; 
a gas mask used by the SS; 
Picasso’s Lithograph of "Prisoner" 
and an original German-made Model 2 freight wagon used 
for the deportation of Jews to the ghettos and 
extermination camps in occupied Poland. 

A boxed lunch will be served to us after our guided tour – 
then you will have time to visit the rest of the museum on your own. 
Choose your box lunch: 
Cream Cheese on Bagel, Egg Salad sandwich or Tuna sandwich

Price: $88.00 
Bus Leaves Promply at: (Come a few minutes earlier please)
                                       REVERSE PICK-UP 
Pt.4 @ 9:00am;   Pt.3 (CVS side) @9:10am;   Pt.2 @9:20am;   Pt.1 @9:30am
  Return approx.. 6:00pm

As the summer approaches our bus will start putting on air conditioning – some people will think it’s too cold, or not cold enough. Please make sure you wear layers so you can either put on or take off to make yourself comfortable – we try our best to please everyone but as we know – our bodies require different temperatures to make us happy and we just can’t please everyone.