Great Falls of New Jersey and the Paterson Museum
1st Industrial US City
Thurs. May 7th

In 1792, Paterson, America's first planned industrial city was established and centered around the Great Falls of the Passaic River. From humble mills rose industries that changed the face of the United States. Cotton, Silk, Steam Locomotives, Airplane Engines were all manufactured in this city. 

Come with us to see the beautiful falls 
one of the largest falls in the United States. 

Then visit the Paterson Museum near the Great Falls of the Passaic which has been the birthplace or springboard of many innovators and inventors such as:
John Holland -"Father of the modern submarine"
Sam Colt - "who perfected the repeating cylinder revolver"
John Ryle - "Father of the silk industry" 
Along with Alexander Hamilton who was first to introduce Paterson as an important area for starting the 
industrial revolution in the US.

Lunch is also included.

Price: $110.00 
Pay by March 7th – Take off $5.00 - check, money order or cash only

Bus Leaves: Pt. 1 @8:00am Pt. 2 @8:10 Pt. 3 @8:20 Pt. 4 @8:30am 
Return approx.. 5:30pm