Shirelles, Supremes, 
Andrew & McGuire Sisters Tribute 
@ Doolans Shore Club   
Springlake, NJ     (New Venue for PTTL)
Thurs. July 11th  

​The Fabulous Belle Tones – These fabulous Divas of song & dance stroll you down memory lane with hits from your favorite female signing groups. 
The McGuire Sisters, the Andrew Sisters, The Shirelles, The Supremes and more plus a great comedian.

Come and enjoy this daytime celebration. Family-Style lunch – Salad, Pasta or Soup, Pot Roast, Turkey with Stuffing or Herbal Salmon, Dessert, Coffee or Tea with Wine & Soda during Lunch.

Price: $103.00 Pay by May 11th – 
Take off $5.00 - check, money order or cash only

Bus Leaves Promptly at: (Come a few minutes earlier please) 
Pt.1 @8:30am;  Pt.2 @8:40;  Pt.3 @8:50;  Pt.4 @9:00am 
Return approx.. 7:00pm

As the summer approaches our bus will start putting on air conditioning – some people will think it’s too cold, or not cold enough – 
Please make sure you wear layers so you can either put on or take off to make yourself comfortable – we try our best to please everyone but as we know – our bodies require different temperatures to make us happy and we just can’t please everyone.