Thunder Over the Boardwalk
Atlantic City Air Show 
Wed Aug. 21st  

“Thunder Over the Boardwalk” is one of the most 
popular events in Atlantic City 
and one of the very best air shows in the country 
with its heart-stopping feats, 
aerobatic maneuvers, 
formation flying and solo routines 
by military and civilian pilots. 

And this year for the first time in over a decade 
the RED ARROWS of United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force 
will be joining the show. 

 Hotel slot play package - TBA

Price: $60.00   incl. Transportation, Hotel Slot Play (TBA) 
   Pay by June 21st – Take off $5.00 - check, money order or cash only 

Bus Leaves Promply at:  (Come a few minutes earlier please)
​Pt.1 @8:30am;  Pt.2 @8:40;  Pt.3 @8:50;  Pt.4 @9:00am
Return approx.. 9:00pm

As the summer approaches our bus will start putting on air conditioning – some people will think it’s too cold, or not cold enough – 
Please make sure you wear layers so you can either put on or take off to make yourself comfortable – we try our best to please everyone but as we know – our bodies require different temperatures to make us happy and we just can’t please everyone.